About us

GayLatino is made up of Latino gay men, activists, not organizations,
For this reason its structure is based on the enrichment through the ideas and experiences
Of its members. Regional leaderships allow a global look at
The political and social situation in Latin America with respect to the support
Gay men, men who have sex with other men, transsexual men, and
Intersex. It is thus possible to analyze this and to identify political advocacy needs
Regional level and define the strategies and activities to be carried out, both with regard to homophobia,
As in the response to HIV at the region level.

The importance of the GayLatino Network lies mainly in the visibility of the manifestation
Collective and regional - Latin American - necessary to face oppression and marginality
That transcend the bodies, sexualities, languages, spiritualities and forms of
Socialization, rooted in homophobia and various realities that affect the exercise of
The rights of this community in Latin America.

In this region the situation of the LGBTI community is quite remarkable. Topics such as
Discrimination against gay men, men who have sex with men and men
Trans and intersex, have a direct impact on various areas such as health, crime
Inadequate application of justice, the persistence of laws, policies and programs
Discrimination, and, on the other hand, the impact of HIV on this population.

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